President: We must put an end to the use of relations with external partners for political and populist purposes!

In recent days, a number of statements have been made that could unreasonably harm good relations and strategic partnership between the Republic of Moldova and various external partners - in particular, Romania and the Russian Federation. About this Igor Dodon writes on his page in the social network.

The Head of State notes that his position on this issue remains unchanged and consistent - a balanced foreign policy and mutually beneficial relations with both the East and the West, based on our national interest.

I note with concern that some European parliamentarians denigrate the Republic of Moldova and institutions of our country. Over the past years, they acted as if they were members of the opposition parties of the Republic of Moldova, and showed a guerrilla approach with regard to the interests of our citizens, which often creates tension and worsens relations. Unfortunately, recently we often have seen that our relations with some external partners are used for political and populist purposes, and I believe that this must be put to an end.

Our cooperation should be aimed exclusively at the interests of citizens, it should not suffer because of various declarations, regardless from which side they are made
,” the President states. Igor Dodon also notes that the Republic of Moldova has generous support from external partners, which was clearly manifested during the pandemic crisis. “We are grateful for that. This is what is truly important in our relationship,” he concluded.

Опубликовано: 17:41 23/05/2020

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