President Dodon: The political processes of recent days are not fatal for the ruling coalition!

The political processes of recent days are tense, but not fatal for the ruling coalition. The President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon wrote about this on a social network, noting that there were still several days to cancel the unconstitutional initiative of the Maia Sandu government.

There is still time for reflection on the part of the leadership of the ACUM bloc in order to understand that the Attorney General cannot be politically subordinate, and the current coalition should not be sacrificed to the altar of personal ambitions,” said Igor Dodon.

The President also noted that there were a lot of problems in the country that needed to be resolved; therefore, there should be no room for personal disputes, struggle of political ambitions and immature actions in order to avoid the risks that we managed to overcome five months ago.

Publicat: 20:28 08/11/2019

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