Ion Chicu: The President’s social initiatives are supported by both the parliament and the government!

Ex-Minister of Finance of Moldova Ion Chicu on his page on the social network noted that the legislative initiatives of the President aimed at increasing the degree of social protection of citizens with the lowest incomes were supported not only at the parliament level, but also by the executive branch.

The following projects include:

1. Indexing of pensions twice a year, for which the parliament voted in the first reading on August 15, 2019.

2. The bill on increasing the number of potential recipients of state aid in the cold period by 50 thousand people, as well as increasing the amount of compensation from 350 lei to 500 lei per month, which means consistent financial support in the most difficult period of the year for about 200 thousand people.

3. A bill aimed at guaranteeing a minimum period of five years to receive an old-age pension. Thus, in the event of the premature death of the recipient of such a pension, the second spouse will receive a monthly pension for five years, starting from the date of right to get the pension.

The second and third projects were approved by the majority of parliamentary commissions and will be considered at the plenary meeting in the near future.

The consultation process also continues with respect to other social initiatives proposed by the Head of State. All these projects should be reflected in the budget legislation
,” said Ion Chiku.

Publicat: 09:57 17/10/2019

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