The Head of State met with the leaders of ethno cultural organizations of the Republic of Moldova

The President of the Republic of Moldova held a working meeting with the leaders of ethno-cultural organizations.

In particular, discussion was devoted to the upcoming celebration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of ethno cultural organizations that play an important role in the life of all ethnic groups in Moldova.

We came to a common opinion that organization of such an event is necessary and agreed to hold it on November 1,” said Igor Dodon.

The meeting participants noted the need for implementation of the Strategy for Strengthening Interethnic Relations in the Republic of Moldova for 2017-2027 adopted by the Government of the Republic of Moldova in 2017. In their opinion, implementation of the provisions of the document will contribute to a more harmonious coexistence of peoples and cultures in the country.

In addition, they discussed preparation and holding of the XVIII Republican Ethnocultural Festival on September 15, which traditionally brings together representatives of dozens of ethnic groups living in the Republic of Moldova.

During the conversation, I confirmed that the Presidential Administration would continue to pay special attention to preserving the languages and cultures of all ethnic groups living in the country, since the Republic of Moldova is a common home for all of us,” the President said.

Publicat: 20:06 10/09/2019

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