At the initiative of PSRM, the municipal hospital of the Archangel St. Michael was repaired

The candidate for the post of mayor of the Party of Socialists, Ion Cheban, together with the chair of the PSRM faction in the municipal council and advisers, met with the medical staff of the Municipal Clinical Hospital St. Archangel Michael in Chisinau. Thanks to the socialists, this hospital was repaired and furniture purchased.

Cheban noted during the meeting that last year, the PSRM faction advisers promised the hospital’s staff that they would achieve the allocation of funds for repairs, as well as equipping the hospital with the necessary equipment.

We managed to find the necessary amount of money for this institution, as well as for many others. As a result, repairs were made and new equipment was purchased, the operating unit was repaired. In addition, a 2-story rehabilitation unit was thoroughly repaired, equipped with the necessary and unique equipment in Chisinau and Moldova," Ion Cheban said.

He also told that the hospital was in some kind native to him as he spent his childhood there. His dad worked as a resuscitator, and his mother was a senior nurse.

Publicat: 20:00 10/09/2019

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