Igor Dodon: Usurpers acknowledged their defeat

Igor Dodon: Usurpers acknowledged their defeat
Moldovan President Igor Dodon, on his own behalf and on behalf of Parliament Speaker Zinaida Greceanii, congratulated all citizens on “the symbolic victory”.

PDM, which usurped power in the country, today acknowledged defeat, Igor Dodon said. This is a victory, but not final.

Firstly, the government of Filip cannot resign because he is no longer in office since June 8. The Constitution of the Republic of Moldova clearly states that at the moment when the new government was elected, the mandate of the old one is completed. From June 8 it was illegally in office, having usurped power in the country”, he stressed.

The Head of State also recalled that at the end of last week the parliament had clearly expressed that the Constitutional Court was usurping power in the country.