RISE: PDM auditioned dozens of citizens

RISE: PDM auditioned dozens of citizens
Recent years, the Moldovan authorities have launched a real campaign for tapping and spying on opponents of the government.

The operation was carried out under the guise of three secret criminal cases initiated on the basis of messages on Facebook or statements at press conferences, rise.md reports

More than 50 people, including politicians, representatives of civil society and journalists, turned out to be under the scrutiny of prosecutors and police officers. Their telephone conversations were tapped, and even some were monitored for the personal life. Microphones and video cameras were installed in their homes.

RISE Moldova was able to obtain data showing the scale of this operation. More than 500 orders, petitions, protocols and conclusions of judicial instances are revealed. The documents have links to more than 200 DVDs with phone calls.

In criminal terms, law enforcement efforts ended in zero result - phone conversations were of no interest and were destroyed. Some of the persecuted alleged that the wiretapping was used by the security forces to open criminal cases against them or to publicly slander them.

RISE Moldova has published all the materials obtained in the investigations.

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