PSRM Chair: The "golden key" belongs to the socialists

PSRM Chair: The "golden key" belongs to the socialists
Zinaida Grechanii commented on the statements of opponents that the Socialist deputies in Moscow, allegedly "coordinate the coalition."

Which coalition can be coordinated in Moscow?” It would be better for the opponents to coordinate it with us, because it is really necessary to create a ruling coalition in Moldova,” Zinaida Greceanii said.

As the party that won the largest number of votes, the PSRM made a proposal to the opposition parties of the ACUM bloc that received 26 deputy mandates out of 101.

Together we have 61 mandates, and we can elect a speaker and form a government,” said the chair of the PSRM.

At the same time, Zinaida Grechany expressed regret over the incompatibility of the right-wing parties: “For some reason, our right-wing parties, which gained only 26 mandates and decided that they should own all the power.

Zinaida Grechanii noted that the “golden key” belongs to the socialists, because “our blocking package is 35 mandates”. The parliament and the government should not be temporary, as the right wishes, and Moldova should not go to early elections, said the chair of the PSRM.

The people are not waiting for this; the people are waiting for consistency, especially since our economy needs it, which depends on political stability. Therefore, we have put forward our own conditions: the PSRM should receive the position of the chairman of parliament, in addition, there are some draft laws that, in our opinion, should be adopted,” Zinaida Grechanii noted.

In particular, we are talking about the lifting of the ban on broadcasting Russian information and analytical television and radio programs, the adoption of a new law that would confirm the status of the Russian language as the language of international communication in the republic.

There is a block of social projects, as well as an institutional block, which provides for return of the powers of the President of the Republic of Moldova, which were reduced by the regime of the Democratic Party. This applies to the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We will insist on accepting these conditions,” Zinaida Greceanii emphasized.

The chair of the PSRM also reported that the Democratic Party, which was still in power, received 30 deputy mandates. However, the PSRM made a proposal for a coalition only to the right-wing parties, since it has so far fought the Democratic regime.

A normal government must be created, whose representatives are able to conduct a balanced foreign policy. Moldova is a small country and should be friends with everyone,” Zinaida Greceanii concluded.