Interview with the author of the film "One Day with the President." How it was

Interview with the author of the film "One Day with the President." How it was
The process of creating a film is complex and time-consuming. And if the film is about the President, the main person of the country, this is not only a difficult, but an extremely important work. How was the film "One Day with the President" created? What difficulties did the author encounter? And, perhaps most importantly, what kind of person is Igor Dodon, the President of the Republic of Moldova? We talked about this with the author of the film, the general director of the Accent TV channel Stanislav Vyzhga.

- What prompted you to create a documentary about the President?

- I was motivated exclusively by journalistic interest. Our President is a very open person, almost daily posts in social networks, numerous press releases about meetings and trips. Nevertheless, in my experience, much remains, as we say, "behind the scenes." Therefore, our film crew set a task to look behind these scenes by a television camera of the press service of the Head of State. But this did not mean that we, like some of our colleagues, were eager to look "under the tie" of the President, find out what he was eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which he talks about with his family. I am sure that it would be interesting to some of our spectators, but we are probably from the generation of those journalists who observe the "red lines" that separate real journalism from
“yellow press”.

- What is the main purpose of this film? And did you manage to achieve the effect originally conceived?

- The goal, as I said above, was to broaden the perception of people about the activities of the Head of State. Help to see in the President of the country a real living person with a colossal sense of responsibility, sincere, with a lot of plans, ideas and, most importantly, able to achieve his goals.

- Have you discovered for yourself the President of Moldova in a new way?

- The shooting period of this program lasted almost 15 hours. We lived this time together with the President. I cannot say that it was to us easily. And in his working schedule there are seven such days. Are there enough discoveries?

- How would you characterize Igor Nikolaevich? Who is mister Dodon?

- We still have to answer this question. I remember that in 2002, the New York Times published an artcile called "Who is mister Putin?" 15 years have passed, and American journalists have not yet found an answer to this question.

"You spent the whole day with Igor Dodon." Is it easy to be President?

- I can safely say that this work is only for strong people, strong physically, morally, psychologically. Therefore, I believe that it is extremely difficult to be a President, a real PRESIDENT of the country, a leader of even such a small state as Moldova. Especially in this extremely difficult political and historical period. Unfortunately, we did not manage to include an episode in our program, when the doctor examines the President before the beginning of the work in the morning. And this is not a symbolic procedure. The conditions of health of the President is a state secret, but this means only one thing: state management is entrusted to the one who gives full account of his actions and is able to bear this heavy burden.

- What reaction do you expect from the audience? And are you satisfied with the work done?

- We sincerely wanted our work to help the viewer, citizens of the country to understand their President, to see his desire to make Moldova better. Did we manage - the audience will evaluate.

Publicat: 19:59 21/08/2017

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