Moldovan authorities introduce tough measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Moldovan authorities are forced to introduce tough measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in our country. Thus, starting from March 11, airlines will limit flights to countries with high epidemiological situation, however, these innovations will not affected the Moldovan citizens. The decision was made at a meeting of the National Emergency Public Health Commission and supported by epidemiologists.

Only Moldovan citizens who have confirmed this fact by the presence of relevant documents will be allowed to board the aircraft in high-risk areas. Access to the Chisinau airport will also be free only for the Moldovan citizens arriving by flights from areas affected by the coronavirus.

The transit of tourists through the territory of Moldova arriving from Italy, China or Korea will be prohibited. All these measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the dangerous coronavirus in our country.

Recall that in the Republic of Moldova, one case of the disease COVID-19 is officially confirmed.

Опубликовано: 08:51 10/03/2020

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