The President named three possible scenarios for the political situation development in the country

The Head of State believes that there are three likely scenarios for the development of the political situation in the country. He talked about it in the next issue of the video platform “The President Answers.”

The first scenario, according to Igor Dodon, is that everything remains as it was until now.

That is, the government, in the absence of a stable majority in parliament, will be a minority one, and will propose bills for which deputies, including Candu and others, can vote,” he said.

The second scenario is an official coalition, which, according to the President.

Under these conditions, it could be the PSRM-PDM coalition, if the Democratic Party is reformed, restructured, refined,” he explained.

The third scenario is an early parliamentary election, which, however, will become a problem for the country, because then most socio-economic projects run the risk of being blocked or suspended.

It’s not a problem for socialists to go to early elections, but for the country this can become a problem, plus 70-80 million will be spent on their organization.

Who wants an early election? Maia Sandu, because she is outside parliament and wants to return, Ilan Shor, because he wants to destabilize the situation because the Attorney General has seriously begun to investigate the theft of the century and the deal with the airport.

But in general, I do not consider early elections to be a way out of the situation,
” added Dodon.

The Head of State also assured that regardless of which scenario would be eventually implemented, Ion Chicu would remain prime minister at least until the end of this year, however, the President would like him to head the entire government until 2023, because he copes with tasks. At the same time, Dodon did not rule out that a number of ministers could be replaced.

Опубликовано: 10:04 21/02/2020

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