Claims by the EU ambassador to Moldova for the new rules of internal trade in Moldova cost $1 billion a year

This was written by journalist Oleg Kosykh, who cited data that Moldovan deficit in trade with the EU was increasing from year to year - from 736 million US dollars in 2015 to 988 million US dollars in 2019, writes.

These figures speak for themselves, as do the shelves of the Moldovan stores. Go to any supermarket chain: almost a quarter of the wine shelves are already occupied with imported products,” says Kosykh.

Under these conditions, the Moldovan authorities have two options: “hide their heads in the sand” or take measures to protect the domestic producer, as the authors of the amendments to the law on domestic trade suggest, thanks to which 50% of the store shelves will be reserved for the Moldovan producers.

Mikhalko is in Chisinau to protect the interests of the EU, which sent him here. But the Moldovan authorities are also obliged to think about the interests of their own citizens. And it’s clear that the interests of the Moldovans should prevail,” the journalist writes.

Recall that the head of the EU mission in Chisinau, Peter Mikhalko, speaking at a meeting of the EU-RM Civil Society Platform, expressed surprise at the return to the Moldovan parliament’s agenda of the law on internal trade, saying that “it does not comply with the obligations to the WTO and the free trade agreement (DCFTA)".

Опубликовано: 14:48 14/02/2020

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