Igor Dodon: I’ll try to get another amnesty for Moldovans in Russia this year

The Head of State said this in the framework of the next release of the platform “the President Answers,” noting that he received a lot of questions and requests about this theme.

He recalled that from 2017, there were already 3 or 4 stages of the amnesty, when citizens of our country in Russia were forgiven for violations of the migration regime.

Is it possible to make the another such attempt? This year I’ll try to come to an agreement with Russia again, but if we take this step, I ask citizens to take advantage of this amnesty. Last year, we gave everyone the opportunity to come home, “erase” all violations. Several tens of thousands took advantage of this, and there - 500-600 thousand of our citizens. Therefore, I will try to come to an agreement in the second half of this year, and urge you to take advantage of this,” he said.

Recall that amnesty for the Moldovan citizens in Russia was made possible thanks to the personal agreements of Igor Dodon with Vladimir Putin.

Опубликовано: 14:07 14/02/2020

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