The probability of the spread of coronavirus in Moldova is low

On Sunday, Prime Minister Ion Chicu convened an extraordinary meeting of the National Public Health Commission MOLDPRES reports referring to the Government’s Office of Communications and Protocol.

At the meeting, measures were presented to prevent the spread of coronavirus, an epidemic of which erupted in China.

Minister Viorica Dumbreveanu reported on the spread of infection in Europe and spoke about measures taken to identify infected people. The Minister noted the importance of increasing vigilance and training of medical specialists. She also said that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection replenished national stocks of medicines.

Minister informed about the ongoing dialogue with the Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Moldova in order to keep the spread of the epidemic and decisions identified by the Chinese experts.

The National Public Health Agency reported the results of monitoring the epidemiological situation in the country and found that the incidence rate is currently lower than in 2019, and health facilities have everything necessary to deal with seasonal diseases. The director of the institution noted that the authorities were in full control of the situation, and the likelihood of the spread of coronavirus in Moldova is not high.

The representative of WHO in Moldova specified the organization’s recommendations for preventing the spread of coronavirus and the procedure for its treatment.

Interior Minister Pavel Voicu presented the actions taken by the ministry, including instructing border guards and NPC officers, as well as providing them with special equipment.

The Prime Minister demanded that Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Pushkutsa and Minister Corneliu Popovici to find financial resources to supplement the children's diet in schools and kindergartens with fruit, and ordered the control of prices for medicines with high demand.

At the end of the meeting, Ion Chicu called on government agencies to act in an organized manner, and leaders to be as attentive as possible.

Опубликовано: 11:15 03/02/2020

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