Igor Dodon: Sandu and Nastase want to get rid of each other

Former colleagues of the ACUM bloc, Maia Sandu, chair of the Action and Solidarity party, and Andrei Nastase, chair of the Platform for Dignity and Truth party, want to get rid of each other. Igor Dodon said about this as part of a new release of the platform “The President Answers,” aif.md reports.

Citizens asked whether, in his opinion, the ACUM block still existed.

I’m not sure that we should give this assessment, this is their personal business. But, it seems to me, they want to get rid of each other. Maia Sandu wants early elections to get rid of Andrei Nastase, because he will not get into the next parliament. Therefore, she needs early elections. And Andrei Nastase wants an apolitical candidate in the presidential election to get rid of Maia Sandu,” Igor Dodon replied.

The President also said that, according to information available to him, “The European partners are urging Nastase to give in again”. At the same time, Igor Dodon noted, “we have other concerns and other priorities.”

Our priority is to change people's lives for the better,” he concluded.

Recall that on the eve Andrei Nastase himself confirmed on the broadcast on a private television channel that the “ACUM” block no longer existed.

Опубликовано: 13:27 24/01/2020

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