The President urged to pay special attention to the investigation of high-profile cases

As the Head of the Supreme Security Council, Igor Dodon met with Interior Minister Pavel Voicu. The parties discussed the criminal situation in the country, including serious crimes, as well as statistics on accidents.

I urged that special attention be paid to the investigation of high-profile cases, especially serious ones, with constant informing of the public and the country's top leadership,” the President said on his page on the social network following the results of the conversation.

Separately, the Head of State and the minister discussed the situation on the roads of the country, namely, road accidents. “The fight against crime is one of the priorities of the current government, so it was decided to include these problems on the agenda of the next meeting of the Supreme Security Council,” Igor Dodon summed up.

Опубликовано: 09:18 15/01/2020

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