Electricity tariffs will be changed

The National Agency for Energy Regulation will hold a public meeting on August 16, at which electricity tariffs will be reviewed and approved. At the meeting, electricity distribution tariffs and regulated electricity supply prices for RED Union Fenosa and Gas Natural Fenosa Furnizare Energie, as well as RED Nord and Nord will be reviewed and approved, moldpres.md writes.

Gas Natural Fenosa Furnizare Energie SRL requested a tariff for energy supplied to the population of 1.94 lei per kWh, which is 8.6% more than the current one. RED Nord has requested a tariff of 2.34 lei per kWh, which is 22.46% more than now.

The draft resolution has not yet been published, but earlier the director of NAER, Octavian Kalmyk, said that the institution proposed to consider a tariff increase of 3.2% for Gas Natural Fenosa Furnizare Energie SRL and by 14.9% for RED Nord.

Tariff adjustment is necessary to cover the purchase prices for electricity, the cost of its production, losses accumulated during the year, as well as to ensure a constant supply of electricity. In 2019, the most unstable factor affecting the sector was the exchange rate of the national currency. Therefore, it was proposed to use the exchange rate established in accordance with the Budget Law for 2019, which amounts to 17.2 lei per dollar.

The last adjustment of electricity tariffs was carried out on June 15, 2018. Then the tariff was reduced by an average of 10%. The price of electricity supplied by Gas Natural Fenosa was set at 179 bans per kWh. For RED Nord consumers, the tariff has been reduced from 212 to 191 ban per kWh.

Опубликовано: 16:48 12/08/2019

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