The PSRM leadership met with Johannes Hahn

The PSRM leadership met with Johannes Hahn
The leadership of the Party of Socialists met this morning and discussed the current political situation in the country with the European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy Johannes Hahn and other representatives of the EU delegation.

According to the press service of the formation, during the meeting, the Party of Socialists reported the position adopted on April 12 at the Republican Council of the PSRM regarding the next steps to resolve the political crisis and form a parliamentary majority and government.

The Party of Socialists noted with regret that, until today, representatives of the ACUM bloc have practically refused to consider our proposals. At the same time, the PSRM notes the fact that it remains open for discussion, but the time when certain decisions can be made comes to a legal deadline, after which the parliament is dissolved and early parliamentary elections are held”, the press release said.

However, deviation from decisions taken by the highest bodies of the party leadership is unacceptable. We believe that this week it is still possible to resume the dialogue and find a solution that would suit both parties, as well as the interests of the voters and the country, in general”, - the PSRM stated.

In conclusion, it is reported that the Republican Council of the Party of Socialists will be convened this week.

Опубликовано: 17:15 03/06/2019

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