Igor Dodon attended reception at the Russian Embassy

 Igor Dodon attended reception at the Russian Embassy
The Head of State attended reception at the embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Moldova on the occasion of Victory Day and congratulated all those present with this great holiday.

The President of Moldova reminded that this year the Republic of Moldova celebrated the 75th anniversary of the liberation from fascism, hundreds of commemorative events are held throughout the country.

On the Victory Day, tens of thousands of people passed with the Immortal Regiment in Chisinau, and hundreds of thousands participated in memorable actions throughout Moldova. This proves that, despite attempts to interpret history, to impose a different story, Moldovan citizens remember and will always remember the truth,” said Igor Dodon.

I consider that we need to show wisdom and try to find a common language for the sake of Victory, for the sake of the memory of our grandfathers and the bright future of our children,” President Dodon said.

Опубликовано: 14:49 10/05/2019

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