Igor Dodon discussed the upcoming elections with members of the OSCE Mission

Igor Dodon discussed the upcoming elections with members of the OSCE Mission
The President of Moldova held a working meeting with members of the OSCE / ODIHR Mission on Monitoring Parliamentary Elections in Moldova. The delegation was led by the representative of Hungary Matyas Eershi. The parties discussed the current political situation in Moldova, and touched upon issues of cooperation with the ODIHR observation mission. They expressed a common view that the elections should be held in compliance with generally accepted international standards: democratically, openly, with respect of the political competitors to each other.

I expressed concern in connection with the emergence of various kinds of information or statements in the media that do not contribute to maintaining a calm electoral situation, but are aimed at introducing elements of tension and fear into the society. I believe that the legitimacy of the elections can be undermined by two factors: the possible removal of one of the leading electoral competitors from the campaign and the planned decision of the CEC to transfer the polling stations for residents of the Transnistrian region 40 km deep into the territory of the Republic of Moldova, controlled by constitutional authorities”, the President noted.

The Head of State stressed that he was not a participant in the election race and refrained from speaking out in favor of any political competitor. The President urges all participants to show wisdom, during the election race, and to remember that after the elections, all political competitors must come together to determine priorities for the future development of our country. In conclusion, Igor Dodon thanked all international observers working in Moldova for their objective assessments of the electoral process in the country.

Опубликовано: 15:09 11/02/2019

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