PSRM held a meeting of the Republican Party Council

PSRM held a meeting of the Republican Party Council
The Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova held a meeting of the Republican Council of Political Formation, which reviewed the criteria for forming the PSRM list for the elections to the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. The main criterion will be representation of all social strata and national groups of the country.

According to this criterion, national minorities will represent at least 30% of the PSRM electoral list. 40% of the places on the PSRM election list will be women.

It is significant that a woman - Zinaida Grechanii is the head of the largest Party in Moldova, who, being the only woman - Prime Minister of Moldova, led the most successful government in the history of our country.

Over the years, the Party of Socialists has promoted the young generation to the forefront. The formed list of PSRM in which the youth will be presented as widely as possible will not be an exception.

Until December 25, the draft list of the PSRM will be submitted for consideration and approval of the Republican Council.

Опубликовано: 15:38 11/12/2018

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