Experts: Moldova's cooperation with the EAEU will contribute to the breakthrough of the domestic economy

Experts: Moldova's cooperation with the EAEU will contribute to the breakthrough of the domestic economy
Cooperation of the Republic of Moldova with the Eurasian Economic Union can contribute to a breakthrough in the domestic economy; solve the problem of migrant workers, sales of agricultural products, problems in the field of energy and investment. This is the conclusion reached by the guests of the “Case of Principle” program.

“Moldova’s economic interests are primarily in trade. Igor Dodon gave an example that in 2017 all the countries of the EAEU imported agro-industrial products and raw materials for $30.2 billion. This is approximately 12% of all imports of EURASEC. In the same 2017, the Republic of Moldova exported for $1 billion 100 million to all countries of the world. And the potential, according to the calculations of the presidential team can be increased 2-3 times,” political scientist Boris Shapovalov said.

“For the EAEU member countries there are preferential prices for energy resources. It is profitable to buy cheaper than others,” the political scientist added.

“For citizens of the EAEU countries, you do not need a work permit, you do not need to apply for a patent, but you need to register, as for any foreigner who entered the country. This is of course beneficial for our people, because they will work in normal civilized conditions and the attitude towards them will be completely different. As far as I understand, according to a preliminary agreement, this issue can be resolved even on conditions that Moldova is an observer country, not a full-scale member of the EAEU,” Boris Shapovalov concluded.

In turn, economic expert Vyacheslav Ionita noted that the inflow of foreign investment was simply necessary for the maintenance and development of the economy.

“Today in Moldova investment is the lowest in Europe, including Eastern Europe. We have an investment per capita of a little more than $100. This is three times less than in Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan and so on, I am not talking about Romania, we are 10 times less. Therefore, Moldova is really in a hunger for investment right now,” he said.

The expert also noted that the export of some commodity items fell exclusively on the CIS countries and the Eurasian Economic Community.

“Exports of apples to Russia amounted to 95% in 2017. Grapes - about 50%, another 30% - to Belarus. Therefore, today we can say that we are going to the European Union in new branches, in assembly, but in some of our traditional markets in agriculture, in some commodity positions, only in Russia ” - Ionita stressed.

Recall that the Republic of Moldova participates in the work of the High Council of the Eurasian Economic Union, which, starting from December 6, takes place in St. Petersburg. Moldovan President Igor Dodon delivered a speech at the meeting of the Council noting that our country was interested in a high level of cooperation with the EAEU countries in all areas.

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