Survey: PSRM is the most visible and influential political force in Moldova

Survey: PSRM is the most visible and influential political force in Moldova
The Party of Socialists leads in all ratings and is the most visible and influential political force in Moldova. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the International Republican Institute (International Republican Institute, IRI) from September 11 to October 16, 2018.

The informal leader of the PSRM, President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon keeps the leading position of the undisputed leader among politicians and government officials as well. His activities are positively estimated by 47% of citizens. The chairman of the PSRM, Zinaida Grechanii, is in the third place in this rating, 39% of respondents positively estimate her activity.

It should be noted that the survey took place in the period before the visits of the President of the country to Russia, the United Kingdom and France and meetings with political leaders, including the presidents of Russia, France, the USA, the German Chancellor and heads of other states, which also, according to sociologists, will have a positive effect on the trust rating in the upcoming polls.

According to the results of the survey, Igor Dodon is trusted by the majority of the determined respondents - 27%. Platform DA party leader Andrei Nastase is twice less trusted - 14%, Maia Sandu who leads the Party Action and Solidarity - 13%. The Prime Minister Pavel Filip, in spite of the powerful administrative resources and the recent activities of the Democratic Party in the territories, gains only 6% of the trust of citizens. 2% trust the speaker of the parliament Andrian Candu.

The results of the study show that in the next parliamentary elections more than a third of citizens are ready to vote for the Party of Socialists that is almost 3 times more than the closest persecutors - each of the main right-wing parties, namely the party of power - the Democrats, and the right-wing opposition.

In particular, if elections were held next Sunday, 32% would vote for the PSRM. At the same time, the Platform DA Party of Andrei Nastase, the Democratic Party of Vlad Plahotniuc and the Party of Action and Solidarity of Maia Sandu would have been voted by 12% of the voters each.

According to experts, the trend will continue closer to the elections - the first place in the ranking usually strengthens its position. The leading positions of the PSRM in the ratings are justified: according to the survey results, the Party of Socialists is the most active in the territories. This is evidenced by 50% of respondents.

Опубликовано: 13:05 16/11/2018

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