Expert: New Audiovisual Services Code Threatens Closure Of All Opposition Media!

The Parliament of Moldova adopted a new Code of Audiovisual Services, which was previously rejected by the President. According to the lawyer Dmitry Bezobrazov, the Moldovan authorities, having approved this bill, put all the unwanted media at risk. The expert spoke in more detail about it on the air of the “Matter of Principle” program on our TV channel.

“The problem in ensuring information security is that censorship is introduced for the first time. What is censorship? This is when we a priori close a person's mouth or the media. Here, "we do not believe that you will not violate the law, so we turn you off the air right away," said lawyer Dmitry Bezobrazov.

“That spectrum of audiovisual that we have will inevitably be blown away due to adoption of this code. The picture will change dramatically. My opinion is that in the packages of cable operators there will be 20-30 channels. They will be in the state language, most likely be Romanian, and this is not at all what the viewer is used to. In any case, when the information field is so sharply narrowed, thoughts about monopoly, thoughts about censorship are inevitable, and they are justified,” said Bezobrazov.

The expert recalled how every government in the country was looking for new forms of closing the TV channels. According to him, under the President Voronin, there was a non-renewal license method. Under the Alliance for European Integration, there was a direct revocation of the license, as happened with the well-known television channel NIT. The authorities then turned to exclude TV channels from cable providers’ packages, justifying it with economic reasons or decision of the cable operators themselves, despite the fact that the channels were free to broadcast. Now the authorities have adopted the Audiovisual Services Code, which further complicates survival of the media in Moldova.

“When the bill appeared, it initially gave the right to cable operators to include 50% of local broadcasters in their package. Even then, this caused bewilderment and indignation, because the rule was 100% of local broadcasters, if they are free and reception was technically possible. Almost all are free, and the technical reception of almost all is possible thanks to technologies. When they made the summer amendments, people were indignant at why 50% were reduced to 35%. Now the situation will be even worse. Because all the opposition channels can be removed legally, and justifying it with the right that a new code grants us. This is a very big problem,” said the lawyer Dmitry Bezobrazov.

Опубликовано: 21:46 09/11/2018

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