Candu: 65% of Moldovan population believe that they speak the Moldovan language

Candu: 65% of Moldovan population believe that they speak the Moldovan language
Chairman of the Parliament Andrian Candu said that the right time had not yet come to vote on the introduction of the Romanian language as the state language into the country's Constitution.

“Despite the fact that there are a lot of people in PDM who believe that our language is Romanian, and I personally affirm this, as well as the party’s chairman and honorary president Diacov, 65% of our population think they speak Moldovan”, - said Andrian Candu, transmits

The official admitted that in the party, of which he is a member, there were also people who believe that the state language is Moldovan. He noted that discussions on this issue divide and clash society.

The politician also said that a potential union with Romania could jeopardize security of our country.

“We are really tuned to certain integration processes, and we will implement them. But as far as unification is concerned, in the sense that the two states will unite tomorrow, we must understand that this is a threat to the country's security. What is happening with Transnistria, with Gagauzia, with some northern regions of the country? One day we can wake up and we will have only Chisinau. This does not necessarily mean war, but confrontation, separatism. If such a decision is made, we are not sure that there are no forces in the country that could lead to destabilization in society,” Andrian Candu concluded.

Опубликовано: 12:06 24/10/2018

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