Igor Dodon: Today is a historic day in relations between Moldova and Turkey

Over the past 24 years the first official visit of the President of the Turkish Republic to our country took place. Moldovan President Igor Dodon noted that during the diplomatic relations between Moldova and Turkey, more than 60 bilateral agreements were signed.

“Today is a historic day in our bilateral relations, because we came to the decision to create a Council on strategic cooperation between our countries. Turkey is a strategic partner of the Republic of Moldova, which at various stages played an important role for the Republic of Moldova. The Republic of Turkey played an extremely important role in solving the problem in the south of the country, when the Gagauz autonomy was founded. Through such support, our partners and friends from Turkey contributed to the formation of the statehood of the Republic of Moldova.

We have good relations in all areas. I want to state that last year bilateral trade reached more than 400 million dollars. I really hope that this year this figure will reach half a billion dollars. And, as we have already discussed with the President of Turkey, in our plans for the coming years, these figures should exceed one billion dollars. Based on the free trade agreement that was signed some time ago, we think that this figure, these plans can be implemented.

I would also like to welcome activities of the Turkish investors in the Republic of Moldova. We have more than 1,300 enterprises with the Turkish capital, and Turkey is in the third place in terms of the number of enterprises in the Republic of Moldova,” the Head of State said at a joint briefing by the Presidents of Moldova and Turkey.

Igor Dodon thanked the Turkish partners for the financial and technical assistance provided to the Republic of Moldova.

Опубликовано: 20:26 17/10/2018

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