Zinaida Greceanii congratulated Moldovans on the National Language Day

Chairman of the Party of Socialists Zinaida Greceanii congratulated all citizens of our country on the National Mother Language Day. Greceanii noted that this was a very important holiday for us, which reminded us of the ancient history of Moldova and our native Moldovan language.

“The overwhelming majority of the Moldovan citizens consider Moldovan as the state language and their mother tongue. Our language is our pride, it is the fundamental principle of our identity and our perception of the world. We must keep our language and develop it, passing it from generation to generation as a great treasure," she stressed.

Grechanii also noted that since Moldova was a multinational country and representatives of other nations speaking their native languages lived in it, this was also their native language holiday.

“I congratulate all citizens of our country, regardless of nationality, on the holiday of their native language!” - she said.

Опубликовано: 11:07 31/08/2018

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