Ion Cheban proposed measures to save the site of the former Republican stadium

The head of the Party of Socialists faction in the municipal council, Ion Cheban, proposed measures to save the site of the former Republican stadium from the construction of a new building for the US Embassy in Moldova.

Cheban believes that on a plot of 5.18 hectares any other necessary and useful for society project can be implemented. For example, a cultural center, a stadium or a park.

He proposed a number of measures, among them, for the Municipal council to issue a decision andapply to the government to transfer the site to the balance of the municipality.

He also suggested that the council apply to the Constitutional Court regarding the plot and decision of the parliament on its sale for the embassy construction.
Another point is prohibition to the mayor and departments under the mayoralty control to issue any documents for further construction without agreement with the municipal council.

The fourth point is holding of public hearings.

Another measure is creation of a commission that will negotiate with the government and the US embassy to select another site.

And the last - the council to send a letter to the US embassy, the Congress and the US President about inadmissibility of building an embassy on the site of the former Republican stadium.

"We are against construction of a new building for a diplomatic mission on the site of the Republican stadium. And not because the US embassy plans to do it. If there was any other embassy, we would also be against it. There should be something useful for society on that site," Cheban said.

He reminded those present about the situation with the Guguta Cafe, where a multi-storey building was planned. He also said that the faction of the PSRM in the municipal council presented at the last meeting a draft according to which it was proposed that all land and green spaces be transferred to the balance of the municipality. Thus, illegal construction and alienation of land could be prevented. Then, neither the candidate for mayor Andrei Nastase nor the municipal council supported the socialists' project.

Опубликовано: 15:40 23/07/2018

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