Let's save Lilia together!

Let's save Lilia together!
Can you imagine happiness of a woman who for many years has begged God for a child and, finally, earned the happiness of motherhood?

Do you know that there is nothing in the world, stronger than the love that the mother feels for her long-awaited baby?

This Love for two years makes Lilia fight with breast cancer. She simply cannot surrender because - how Sasha will live without mother?! They live together - two wonderful people. He is intelligent and playful-that's what boys are supposed to be. She is gentle, kind and beautiful, as a mother should be. The little boy did not know why his mother became sad, why she often goes to the doctor.

Lilia fought. Several courses of chemotherapy, a complex oncological operation. But, a miracle did not happen... Disease returned with metastases.

What should happen so that in the souls of other people, distant and unfamiliar, the willingness to support is born? For her, so smart and strong, for her little boy. For our own sake. We still have a lot. After all, those who are ready to fight illness together with Lilia can be more! We do not know how the need for help is born in the minds of people. But we know that this should happen. Lilia should not fight the disease alone! Little Sashka should not grow without a mom! Love must win, and we must help in this!

No, Lilia was not alone. Nearby there are caring close people, but they are helpless facing the unrealistically huge amount of payment for medical services.

Examination in a foreign clinic is not cheap. According to the results of the survey, possible ways to combat metastases become clear. These ways, whatever they are, will also have price. Money is needed. A lot of. But we are many of us as well! Even the smallest contribution is important! This will be a contribution to life, a contribution to the victory of maternal love. She will win, we are sure! Love always wins!

Thanks to all who read this text. Sincere thanks to those who will respond to our call.

Let's save Lilia, the mother of little Sasha together!

MDL Account
Banca benef: BC ”Moldindconbank” S.A., cod MOLDMD2X328
Beneficiar: Gavriliuc Liliana, IDNP: 0981402427872
IBAN MD63ML000002259A28242401


EUR currency account
Corresp.bank: Landesbank Baden Wurttemberg, Stuttgart, Germany
Beneficiary bank: BC ”Moldindconbank” S.A.,
Beneficiary name: Liliana Gavriliuc
Beneficiary IBAN: MD21ML000002259A28242381


USD currency account
Corresp.bank: Banca Transilvania S.A., Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Beneficiary bank: BC ”Moldindconbank” S.A.,
Beneficiary name: Liliana Gavriliuc
Beneficiary IBAN: MD36ML000002259A28242402

WebMoney Z117634997014

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