Tsyrdea: "The draft of the National Defense Strategy was hastily submitted to the parliament"

Tsyrdea: "The draft of the National Defense Strategy was hastily submitted to the parliament"
The repression of the Democratic Party before the West takes anecdotal forms. This is evidenced by the draft of the National Defense Strategy that has been submitted to the parliament in a hurry, as well as the Action Plan for its implementation, political scientist Bogdan Tsyrdea writes in his blog.

"From whom we should defend, and most importantly - from whom we are able to do this, the devil himself will not understand. Considering that the NATO summit was held on July 10, 2018, and on July 12 the document already appeared in the parliament, there is a slight "suspicion" about who the true customer and sponsor of it is!

I will give only a couple of examples from this document that cause confusion.

1. Article 2 describes the main goal of the country: strengthening and deepening relations with NATO while maintaining neutrality is established by the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova. How can we talk about neutrality, suggesting deepening relations with NATO?

2. In Article 6, European integration is recognized as a national interest! Since when, ladies and gentlemen? Even yesterday's survey of the SDA (11.07.18) showed that the majority of citizens (40%) are for integration with the EAEU and only 38% - with the EU!

3. Article 28 recognizes strengthening of the NATO's military presence on the eastern flank. But this is not a threat, but a boon!

4. In Article 29, the main threat is the Russian military contingent that has provided peace at the Dniester during 25 years.

5. In Article 30 Transnistria is recognized as a threat to the implementation of "strategic goals" of the Republic of Moldova. They say that they wanted to inscribe the citizens of Moldova themselves as a threat, but refused on time.

6. The budget of the Plan is simply transcendental. Within seven years, the costs of Moldova's "neutral" defense will more than double!

Take a look at the costs:

2018 - 625 million lei
2019 - 700 million lei
2020 - 790 million lei
2021 - 895 million lei
2022 – 1,015 million lei
2023 – 1,150 million lei
2024 – 1,300 million lei
2025 – 1,465 million lei

Now you understand why there is no money and will not be for retired, benefits, salaries? As a result of the PSRM protest, the draft was removed from the agenda. But they promised to return it..."

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