Socialists demanded that Minister of Health Svetlana Cebotari be heard in the parliament

The parliamentary majority today, July 12, did not support the initiative of the deputies from the faction of the PSRM, who demanded that Svetlana Cebotari be called to the parliament with a report from the Minister of Health.

According to the deputy Vladimir Odnostalko, the topic of the discussion would be overestimated by 300-400% prices of medical services. Despite the fact that more than a year ago the people's representatives demanded from the government to review the cost of medical services in Moldova, the Cabinet of Ministers did not respond to this question.

"After 15 months there is no official paper from the government, there is no reaction either verbally or in writing. Therefore, we demand that next week the Health Minister Svetlana Cebotari come to parliament and tell us what was done in this regard, because the situation is catastrophic, people pay a lot of money," Odnostalko said.

Опубликовано: 12:10 12/07/2018

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