Socialists again raised the topic of "the theft of the century" in Parliament

Socialists again raised the topic of "the theft of the century" in Parliament
Deputies of the Party of Socialists demanded hearings with the participation of the anti-corruption prosecutor and the head of the National Anti-Corruption Center on the situation around the return of money stolen from the country's three banks at today's meeting of the parliament.

In particular, the deputy Vasily Bolea reminded that since the most famous theft in Moldova four years passed already, but until now there is no information on the money that was returned due to the investigations allegedly carried out in this regard by the Prosecutor General's Office.

“Recently there are many questions in the press about the assets that were purchased at the expense of this money. They say that battles are being fought for the property of the former prime minister; they write that the mayor of Orhei acquired planes, and then sold them. We see that the prosecutor's office has not taken action to seize some assets. We want to know what the situation is at the moment, how much money was returned," said the socialist.

Bolea also recalled that the money allocated for covering the financial hole in three banks which is hundreds of millions of lei annually, was transferred to the citizens, which could be spent on other, more important needs.

“Pensioners, who retired before 1999, need about 300 million lei to raise their pensions, and we give 800 million to no one. Therefore, we ask you to hear the anti-corruption prosecutor, the director of the NAC about the money that has been returned so far," he added.

The Socialists' initiative was supported by the factions of the PLDM, PL and PCRM. However, there were not enough votes in the agenda for the initiative to hold hearings, since the Democrats and their satellites did not vote for it.

Опубликовано: 11:58 12/07/2018

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