Tsyrdea: "The cynicism of the European bureaucracy discourages!"

Tsyrdea: "The cynicism of the European bureaucracy discourages!"
The European Union for nine years silently watched how the AEI broke opposition, democracy, the country. All this was done only with one goal - to prevent the victory of the left parties. About this a political scientist, MP from the fraction of the PSRM Bogdan Tsyrdea wrote in his blog.

"The cynicism of the European bureaucracy discourages. This is the bottom, I swear! Now they are supposedly outraged by what is happening!

I will give only a couple of examples:

1. In September 2010, the AEI held a referendum on amending the Constitution, contrary to the recommendations of the Venice Commission. The secretary general of the Council of Europe, Torbjen Jagland gave permission to the referendum! Do you understand what I'm talking about? The Council of Europe, which must protect the Rule of Law and the Constitution, allowed violating the Constitution!

2. On July 12, 2012 the authorities introduce a legislative ban on the use of the symbol "hammer and sickle". Who gave the signal? Jean-Claude Mignon, President of the PACE. What kind of PACE as a guard of democracy, can we speak after this, if its chairman supported liquidation of the opposition, and therefore the foundations of democracy?

3. On May 3, 2013 the PLDM and PCRM deputies voted in favor of a bill that the parliament would be able to dismiss the Constitutional Court judges. Who stood up for the corrupt judges? Stefan Fule demanded from President Timofti not to promulgate the law!!!

4. On May 30, 2013, a new ruling coalition of the PLDM, PDM and LRP (defectors from the PL), known as AEI-3, was created. Let us recall that it is under the direction of Yu. Leanca that the largest crimes in the history of the country will occur: privatization of BEM, concession of the airport, theft of $1.2 billion, ruin of BEM, Unibank, Banca Socială, etc. The coalition was personally carved by the European Commissioner Stefan Fule who threatened Vlad Filat with serious consequences if the country goes to early elections!" Tsyrdea wrote.

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