Vyacheslav Ionita: Moldova's economy is three times weaker than it could be

Vyacheslav Ionita: Moldova's economy is three times weaker than it could be
The Republic of Moldova is not in the best situation for financing due to several factors: political context and reduced ability to determine the necessary priorities. This opinion was shared by the economic expert of IDIS Viitorul Vyacheslav Ionita in the program on public television.

"The European Union has created a system that allows prices to be correct. No single citizen who doubts that the price he pays can be wrong. In the Republic of Moldova, there are certain shortcomings in the document on regulation in the energy sector, and the European Union has long said to us: "Hey, guys, as long as you put the order in the market, citizens feel like they are being robbed," Vyacheslav Ionita believes.

He also added that the Republic of Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe, we have 4,500 dollars per capita. However, in Chisinau, the gross domestic product is 11,000 dollars, while in other regions it is $2,500.

"We are the poorest, but if we look deeper, Chisinau occupies a sufficiently high position, and the regions are in the tail of Africa," the expert said.

"That is, what is GDP, the same is with the banking system. We have a GDP of 140 billion lei, the banking system should also be 140 billion of loans. However, we have a GDP of 140, and loans at the level of 30-40 billion. With our economic strength, we are three times weaker than should be," Vyacheslav Ionita, an economic expert at IDIS Viitorul, said.

Опубликовано: 12:21 18/05/2018

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