Selling Moldovan Missiles: Betrayal or Business?

During the week new details of a loud criminal case involving the sale of Moldovan weapons abroad became known. S-125 "Neva M1" anti-aircraft missile systems are located outside the republic. Contrary to the claims, they were all taken out and not as scrap metal, but as acting and very powerful weapon systems, stated the representative of the Party of Socialists Grigory Novak.

Until recently it was the pride of the army. S-125 air defense missile systems were inherited by Moldova from the Soviet Union. In 2016, Moldova, in fact, lost this weapon. It was taken out during several days from various military bases. Everything was done under the cover of darkness.

Military property was transported to the Marculesti airfield. Before that, anti-aircraft missile systems were sold at an auction in which only one buyer participated, offshore S-Profit LTD. For all the weapons, only 600 thousand dollars where paid. And then, as reported in the media, such systems were offered to Ukraine 10 times more expensive - for $6 million.

"We can say that this deal took place, despite the fact that there was a huge damage to the Republic of Moldova, because these complexes were sold for pennies." The export of anti-aircraft missile systems from military units became possible after the order of then Minister of Defense Shalaru. The Socialists demanded an explanation, Shalaru declared the it an obsolete weapon.

"At the beginning of 2016, we even had a vote of no confidence in ex-minister Shalaru. We then raised these issues; we were told that they were selling as scrap metal. Who buys scrap metal for 600 thousand dollars? The company that is registered in the UK, and behind this company is a citizen of Ukraine. We then said, and these fears were confirmed that the weapons were on the territory of Ukraine. "

If Moldovan anti-aircraft missile systems are discovered at a hot spot, this dubious transaction will drag us into an international conflict, Novak believes. By the way, on the account of Shalaru, relative of Mihai Ghimpu, there are many other tricky operations. About them Accent TV channel already told.

Опубликовано: 21:14 13/03/2018

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