The best remedy for unionism is an article in the Criminal Code?

The best remedy for unionism is an article in the Criminal Code?
The article in the Criminal Code, providing for a severe punishment for the promotion of anti-state ideas, is the best cure for unionism. This opinion was voiced on the television program by a member of parliament from the faction of the Party of Socialists Vasily Bolea. The people's representative noted that this measure would teach true lovers of their homeland - the Republic of Moldova.

"Today the same hybrid war is being waged against our country by people who gather in Iasi, discuss something, and have plans. We must know these plans and we must stop it. People here today, who act in this way, put incomprehensible seals, signatures under declarations, must be taught to love their homeland," said the deputy Vasily Bolea.

In turn, political analyst Cornelius Churea fears that tough measures that the state can apply to supporters of unification with Romania can only strengthen the Unionist movement. According to the expert, this issue should be controlled not by force, but by political methods.

"We do not have an article that allows them to be severely punished and Unionism is still a peripheral political phenomenon. In the parliament, the Unionists are not so hot, but there are some organizations that promote this phenomenon. But without this law, we are still able to control this process by political methods. Appearance of the criminal article, which presupposes severe punishment for such people, means that the state has the right to act harshly. I am very much afraid that such a radical position of the state towards the Unionists will lead to radicalization," the expert believes.

Recall, the President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, after the meeting of the Supreme Council of Security, said that on March 24 and 27 an attempt to destabilize an already difficult situation could take place in Moldova. He assured that if the Unionists try to encroach on the statehood and sovereignty of our country, they will be punished according to the strictness of the law. Also, Igor Dodon stressed that he would achieve a ban on promoting the idea of the liquidation of the country at the legislative level.

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