The "Voevod" movement appealed to the diplomatic missions

The "Voevod" movement appealed to the diplomatic missions
The national movement "Voevod" addressed an open letter to the embassies and diplomatic missions in the Republic of Moldova, as well as the UN mission in the Republic of Moldova.

In the letter signed by the chairman of the National Movement "Voivod" Nikolay Pascaru, an alarm is given about provocations and pressure on the state bodies and officials from Romania. In the Open Letter it is said:


March 12, 2018

On March 10, 2018, all the mayors, who symbolically voted for the "unirea" were gathered in Iasi to discuss organization of actions against the Republic of Moldova throughout the country. These actions are of an organized nature and are a direct intervention of Romania in the internal policy of the Republic of Moldova. Under various pretexts, such as Romania's assistance, including from the European Union, Romania is pursuing a policy of misinformation, corruption of representatives of local authorities, the media and society.

Moldovan President Igor Dodon warns about the possibility of civil war if the idea of unification is tightly imposed, and notes that many citizens, organizations and forces in society do not agree with this idea, but believe in a sovereign, independent and indivisible Moldova. The Moldovan government is paralyzed, special services are prohibited from interfering with anti-state movements. In Gagauzia, there are voices calling for protection of the autonomy with weapons in hand. There are statements of deputies of the People's Assembly of Gagauzia, who also condemn unionism and warn about the risks caused by this phenomenon. Romania does not recognize the border with the Republic of Moldova and does not recognize the Moldovan ethnos.

In March 2018, an anti-state march will take place in Chisinau, within the framework of which an association with the neighboring state will be announced. The march will be organized by the Romanian non-governmental organizations, which mobilize their forces to bring people from Romania to Chisinau. There are signals that on March 24 a football tournament will be organized, where members of the organizations "Ultras", "Noua Dreaptă", "Legiunea de Fier", "Zimbru-Ultras" will gather, and fierce clashes are expected. There is information that these extremist groups destabilize the situation in Chisinau and will occupy the parliament of the Republic of Moldova. At the meeting of unionists on March 25, 2018, an organized delivery of a significant number of people from the country, especially from villages, whose mayor's offices signed the Unionist declarations, is expected. No less dangerous is the participation of the Moldovan and Romanian veterans and military officers who share the ideas of unionism.

A coup d'etat is planned according to the scenario of Odessa and Kiev. The policy of Romania consists in non-recognition of the state of the Republic of Moldova, non-recognition of the official language, enshrined in the Constitution - the Moldovan language, non-recognition of the Moldovans as an ethnos. This is a cultural genocide and a brutal interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Moldova.

We appeal to all the embassies and diplomatic missions accredited in the Republic of Moldova, to the UN Mission in Moldova to intervene to stop these provocations and pressure from Romania on state bodies and officials.

We appeal to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova to launch a campaign to collect signatures in order to file a lawsuit against Romania in the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

What is happening today is the expansion of Romania, which can lead to destabilization of the internal situation in Moldova, including because there is a frozen armed conflict on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Nikolay PASKARU,
Chairman of the National Movement "VOEVOD"

Опубликовано: 17:03 12/03/2018

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