Socialists: "The external vector of the country development should be determined by citizens"

Socialists: "The external vector of the country development should be determined by citizens"
The ruling majority is trying to amend the Constitution of Moldova before the parliamentary elections. It is about integration the foreign policy vector - European integration - in the Basic Law of the country. In turn, the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova is confident that such issues should be solved by the Moldovans, who repeatedly expressed their support for the Eurasian development path of Moldova in public opinion polls. The guests of the program "The Case of Principle" on the "Accent TV" channel spoke about this theme.

"We should not touch the Constitution at all, at any pretext. If the Democratic Party proposed to discuss this issue in a national referendum, and the people would have spoken in this regard then it would be possible to include it,"- said Grigory Novak.

The deputy stressed that the ruling majority did not deliberately hold a referendum on the foreign policy course of Moldova, because they knew in advance its result - not in favor of the democrats’ initiatives.

Representative of the Democratic Party Vitaly Gamurar noted that there was no talk about the referendum, and the discussion should take place at the level of political discussions. Thus, the ruling majority does not consider it necessary to know the opinion of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova on this issue.

"The debate will be about how good or bad it is, I hope that the arguments on the future of the Republic of Moldova will be given. It is one example: the countries of central Europe, long before becoming members of the European Union, have brought their legislation to the European standards. They did not need to make such a provision in the Constitution, because all political parties clearly knew that the they did not have a future, except in the EU. I again repeat, we did not have similar things in the Republic of Moldova, "- said Gamurar.

According to the Democrat, consolidating the foreign policy development vector in the Moldovan Constitution is an opportunity to settle the Transnistrian conflict. At the same time, most Moldovan political scientists are sure of the opposite that European integration will forever put an end to the possibility of settling the Transnistrian question.

The same opinion is shared by the Moldovan President Igor Dodon, who repeatedly noted that behind the term of the European integration was desire of the ruling majority to liquidate our country as a sovereign and independent state and make it part of neighboring Romania.

In addition, the citizens of the republic do not support the European way of development of Moldova. In numerous opinion polls conducted over the past year, most Moldovan citizens spoke out for the Eurasian path of the Republic of Moldova and expressed complete disappointment in the idea of uniting with the west.

Опубликовано: 12:22 13/10/2017


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