The most brutal war in the history...

The most brutal war in the history...
On June 22, 1941, at 4 o'clock in the morning, without declaring a war to the Soviet Union, the German fascist troops attacked the borders of our homeland. Thus began the most terrible war in the history of mankind - the Great Patriotic War.

Battles began on the western borders of the USSR including Moldova. At the same time, the Romanian government, without concluding any agreements with the Third Reich, decided to force the Prut River in the direction of Nisporeni, Leushen and Cahul. Five Soviet divisions moved to the border along the Prut. The attackers were pushed back. Romanian aviation began to raid on Moldova. Beltsy, Bolgrad, Chisinau, and Cahul were the first to be bombed, and crossings across the Dniester river and several railway stations were affected.

The attack on our country was carried out by the German and two Romanian armies, the total number of which exceeded 600 thousand people.

By the end of June 1941, Soviet troops were preparing to exit from Moldova. The German army quickly came from the western borders of the Soviet Union - in Belarus and in Western Ukraine.

Already on July 23 Romanian soldiers entered Bendery, and a bit later the enemy occupied Bessarabia. In August decree number 21 legalized corporal punishment in the Romanian occupied Bessarabia. Every tenth inhabitant of our country was subjected to them. 22,000 died from beatings. For conversations in the Russian language in occupied Moldova a fine was established - 100 thousand Romanian lei and three years in prison. From the libraries of Chisinau, the fascist invaders seized more than one and a half million books. Bessarabian peasants were taxed forty types of taxes, workers received 150-200 grams of bread a day. The death rate from hunger has increased by several times.

During two years of Romanian occupation in Moldova, 200,000 people died, not counting those who were exterminated in the ghetto. In August 1943 there were 49 concentration camps and ghettos. Each of them for tens of thousands of people. They were referred not only to Jews, but also to Gypsies. By the order of the Romanian authorities during the fascist occupation, more than 300,000 Gypsies and Jews were exterminated.

During the Great Patriotic War, Moldova lost a quarter of its population. 400 thousand natives of our country made their heroic contribution to the victory over fascism. Feats of 250 thousand were awarded. 22 of our compatriots left the war as Heroes of the Soviet Union.

During the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, more than 20 million Soviet people perished.

The most brutal war in the history...

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