The PSRM faction offered to hear the ANRE on tariffs rising

The PSRM faction offered to hear the ANRE on tariffs rising
The deputy from the Party of Socialists faction Vasily Bolea offered to hear at today's parliament session the leadership of the National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) in connection with the latest increase in tariffs for heating and power. However, the parliamentary majority did not support this proposal.

The socialist deputy Grigory Novak wrote in connection with this on social network page:

"It's a feeling that the deputies of the ruling majority are not interested in the fact that citizens cannot cope with these draconian tariffs, they forgot about what we call an increase in scholarships, salaries, pensions and benefits. LP deputies are interested in the day of unification, PDM deputies are all you what you want, but not the problems of people, including those who voted for them. Moldova will not develop this way, it is called genocide".

Also, the Socialists demanded that the National Agency for Energy Regulation submitted a report on their activities for the past year. The document will be heard at forthcoming meetings of the permanent parliamentary commission on economy, budget and finance.

Recall last week, ANRE followed requests of Gas Natural Fenosa and Termoelectrica: the tariffs for services were increased and today they already entered into force. Thus, the cost of electricity supply will be higher by seven bans, or by 3.4% compared to the current tariff, and will amount to 1 lei 99 bani. It is worth noting that the demand for Gas Natural Fenosa was 2 lei 16 bani.

Thermoelectric power from Termoelectrica will also become more expensive: the cost of one gigacalorie will be 1,122 lei instead of the current 1,068 lei. The new tariff will be applied already in the next heating season.

Опубликовано: 19:01 24/03/2017

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