PSRM: Tariff increase is another act of social genocide

PSRM: Tariff increase is another act of social genocide
The Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova expresses extreme outrage at the ANRCE decision to raise utility tariffs.

"Today, about 70% of the country's population lives on the brink of poverty. Their incomes are not enough even for the most necessary expenses. This means that gradually an entire army of municipal debtors will be formed, which in the near future may be on the street - without means of subsistence," the statement of the political formation says.

According to the Socialists, the reasons for raising tariffs on the part of energy monopolists do not stand up to criticism from competent economists.

"The only reason the authorities are guided is the demand of the International Monetary Fund. Thus, the wellbeing of Moldovan citizens is dependent on contracts with foreign structures. The PSRM recalls that the devaluation of the national currency, referred to by the ANRE, was caused by the theft of a billion from the financial and banking system of Moldova, for the consequences of which ordinary people should not pay. The new tariff increase is another manifestation of the social genocide from the part of the Moldovan authorities," the representatives of the political formation are convinced.

"Poverty, which the current government forms and multiplies, not only discredits the Moldovan state - the ruling majority, in fact, it deliberately brings its own people to destruction," the statement said.

In this context, the Party of Socialists demands that the ANRE immediately cancel the decision to increase utility tariffs. The political formation believes that any increase in tariffs should not exceed the indexation of pensions, social payments and salaries in the budgetary sphere.

"At the same time, Moldova's agreement with the IMF should be revised in accordance with the interests of the Republic of Moldova and its citizens," the Socialists conclude.

Опубликовано: 17:01 20/03/2017

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