Igor Dodon: salaries, pensions and medicine will be the main priorities

The crisis provoked by COVID-19 has affected the global economy, and Moldova is not an exception. The authorities are taking all necessary measures to ensure that citizens get on time salaries and social benefits. Another priority of the authorities is to support the healthcare system. This was stated by President Igor Dodon after the meeting of the Supreme Security Council.

We understand that the economy is showing a recession. This happens not only in Moldova, but throughout the world. The fall of the economy will negatively affect the state budget. A decrease in GDP by 3% is an optimistic variant. But the decline can be even bigger. We have identified priorities: salaries, pensions, social benefits, unemployment benefits. Premiums for the medical system, support for enterprises that continue to pay salaries,” said Igor Dodon.

I saw calls by some politicians to completely abandon investment. We will invest if we have the funds. We want to continue investing, because we intend to provide jobs for those who have been unemployed or returned from abroad,” concluded Igor Dodon.

Published: 14:52 07/04/2020

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