Head of State: “Having shown maximum responsibility and civic consciousness, we will defeat the virus!”

April 7 is the World Health Day. On this occasion, the President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon addressed the citizens of the country:

Today, as never before, wishes and feelings expressed through a congratulatory message acquire special significance. It is clear that it is necessary to preserve the health of every person.

We all want our children, parents and loved ones to be healthy; we want to work and realize our plans; we want our country to be rich and prosperous, and for all this we need health. Therefore, I sincerely urge you: take care of your health and of the health of your loved ones!

Dear doctors, nurses, pharmacists, health workers, I appreciate the efforts you make every day, especially during this period of the terrible disaster for the whole world. You managed to turn your knowledge, experience and love for people into devotion and sacrifice for the benefit of society, for which we express our deep gratitude and appreciation.

The pandemic is shaking the world, blocking health systems and causing an alarming number of deaths. Unfortunately, the natural course of our lives has suffered greatly.

The crisis has forced us to strictly follow recommendations of the authorities, to respect and support the work of heroes on the front line.

I am sure that only together, having shown maximum responsibility and civic consciousness, we will defeat the merciless virus. I wish you all good health!
” - the message of the Head of State says.

Published: 10:12 07/04/2020

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