The first death from coronavirus in Transnistria

The first death from coronavirus was recorded in the Transnistrian region. It is reported that a 55-year-old resident of Tiraspol was hospitalized in the Slobodzea Central District Hospital with bilateral pneumonia.

The woman in serious condition was in the pulmonology department, in one box with a man with confirmed COVID-19. When it became known that he had coronavirus, the woman was transferred to the Central District Hospital. An hour later she died. After her death, the results of tests for the detection of COVID-19, which turned out to be positive, became known.

According to doctors, bilateral pneumonia has become a complication of COVID-19. In addition, she had chronic diseases - diabetes mellitus and cardiac pathologies, the media of the Transnistrian region report.

Published: 13:08 31/03/2020

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