Igor Dodon: The so-called nonaggression pact will repeat the fate of the four alliances for European integration

The signing of a non-aggression pact by center-right political organizations will not have any effect, and the result will be repeat of the fate of the four Alliances for European Integration. The Head of State gave such an assessment of what is happening as part of the program “The President Answers.”

"All these pacts mean nothing. They never worked. You saw the Alliance 1,2,3,4. They have no choice but to create a coalition, sign a non-aggression pact, but it will all end, like the alliance for European integration," President Igor Dodon said.

The Head of State believes that the idea of PDS leader Maia Sandu and Platform DA Andrei Năstase to sign the agreement has the only goal - to unite efforts against Igor Dodon in the year of the presidential election in Moldova. Igor Dodon urged them to be constructive, to put forward concrete proposals that could change people's lives for the better.

"They do not propose raising salaries, pensions, and attracting investments to repair roads. They are engaged in all kinds of conspiracies and pacts against Dodon. They started the election campaign too early. Haste will not lead to good," the President said.

"At the beginning they said that there would be no gas. Then they said that gas and diesel prices were rising. Prices fell and there is no reason again. They tried to push the veterans, the government found a solution. Everyone is trying to find a reason to get people out to the street, "said the President, who urged citizens to be careful and not give in to provocations.

Published: 11:15 17/02/2020

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