Igor Dodon: "Europe can only be stronger with Russia"

Europe can only be stronger if it forges closer ties with Russia, Moldova’s President claimed in an exclusive interview with Euronews.

Igor Dodon called for more economic cooperation between Moscow and Brussels.

He told Euronews the European Union needed fresh ideas and that his proposition would unite members of the bloc.

"I think Russia could help the EU be stronger, Europe to be stronger," Dodon said during the interview.

Let’s be honest: a strong Europe without the Russian Federation cannot be,” he added.

"I believe in a big Europe, from Lisbon to Vladivostok. It was Charles de Gaulle who came with this idea and it’s repeated often by various world leaders. I think this is the only solution to make Europe stronger to face the growing future challenges. The foreign policy I have been promoting for the last years is a balanced one, meaning, on one hand implementing the association agreement with the EU and re-establishing the strategic relations with the Russian Federation, on the other," Dodon said.

"I think the dialogue will inevitably exist and this period of uncertainty in the relations between the two global players will be overcome. The common interests will unite Europe with the Russian Federation economically and facing the current global challenges," President Dodon concluded for Euronews.


Published: 19:30 16/02/2020

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