The President told about the Moldovan foreign policy to the deputies of the Bundestag

At the end of the first day of the Munich Security Conference, which attracts more than 40 heads of state and government, Igor Dodon met with a delegation of deputies of the German Bundestag, led by Fritz Felgentreu, vice-chairman of the parliamentary commission on security and defense, head of the German-Moldovan Forum.

The parties held a wide exchange of views on the domestic and foreign policies of the Republic of Moldova. The Head of State expressed gratitude to the German partners for the long-term and comprehensive support of Moldova in almost all significant areas.

I drew the attention of the German interlocutors to the ambitious reform program that the current Government of the Republic of Moldova intends to implement. I confirmed the commitment of our country to a balanced foreign policy strategy, which implies the fulfillment of international obligations, including the Association Agreement with the European Union, and restoration of a full-fledged strategic partnership with the Russian Federation. In the context of internal transformations in our country, I stressed determination of the Moldovan leadership to implement justice reform in accordance with the recommendations of external partners and in compliance with international norms and standards”, the President said.

Igor Dodon noted the importance of a direct dialogue between the top leadership of Moldova and foreign partners. “At the end of the meeting, I reaffirmed our readiness to continue direct and open dialogue with Germany to strengthen bilateral relations between the Republic of Moldova and the EU,” he summed up.

Published: 09:55 15/02/2020

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