President’s initiative: to “freeze” the growth of salaries for “bosses”

The Head of State intends to take the initiative to “freeze” the salaries of the President, prime minister, ministers, deputies, judges and prosecutors until salaries and pensions of citizens are raised to a decent level of.

Igor Dodon said this in the framework of the next issue of the video platform “The President Answers.”

I believe that until we raise pensions and salaries to a decent level, there is nothing to do with the salaries for heads. Their salaries should depend on the incomes of the population, and if these incomes are small, the country's leadership should not receive much. Such an initiative will soon come from the President of the Republic of Moldova,” he said.

Igor Dodon recalled that he welcomed the initiative of the PSRM faction to cancel the decision to raise the salaries of deputies. The corresponding project has already been registered, and the Head of State is confident that the government will support it, as a result of which the salaries will return to their previous size.

Published: 12:44 14/02/2020

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