The President does not abandon the initiative to reduce the number of deputies

Immediately after the presidential election, Igor Dodon intends to return to his initiative from 2017 to reduce the number of parliamentarians from 101 to 67. He said this as part of the next release of the platform “The President Answers.”

The Head of State explained that his initiative was due to the fact that the number of 101 deputies was enshrined in the Constitution in the early 90s, when the country had 4.5 million citizens. In 28 years, a third of the population left the country. The President believes that this is unfair.

Since there are fewer people, why to keep so many bosses? I still believe that the number of deputies should be reduced by at least a third. This must be done by amending the Constitution. Now we do not have 67 mandates, but I promise you right after the presidential election we will come up with conceptual amendments - both with regard to the deputies and other elements that need to be updated,” Igor Dodon said.

Published: 12:39 14/02/2020

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