Igor Dodon on the situation with Plahotniuc: No one has lifelong immunity

“This week we made sure that those who break the law have no “roof”, Igor Dodon said this in the framework of the “President Ansers” platform, commenting on the US decision to impose sanctions against former PDM leader Vladimir Plahotniuc and members of his family.

The Head of State believes that this is the right step in the fight against corruption. He thanked the partners for this decision, noting that it proves once again: none of those who are guilty of certain acts can escape punishment.

Those who consider that they can break the law and then run away somewhere, should know that there is nowhere to hide. If you break the law, sooner or later we will catch you. Those who are involved in the theft of a billion - one is hiding in Israel, the other in the USA, others think that we will not reach them - everything changes. No one has lifelong immunity,” the President said.

Published: 12:52 17/01/2020

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